Sleep Facts You Need to Know

We sleep most of the time, but do we really know anything about sleep? There are more and more studies every year that contributes to what people should know about the activity that they may spend most of their time. As such, it is also important for us to update ourselves with the proper knowledge that may help us achieve a better sleep.

  1. The only mammal that readily sets aside sleep are humans.

Other animals readily sleep whenever they feel like it. This may be because humans have a higher sense of responsibility in terms of their work or academic endeavors. Perhaps it may just be the perception of humans regarding sleep.

  1. Nightmares don’t feed on Fear

While many may believe that watching a scary film may trigger one’s nightmare, there may be other emotions who are more responsible for the nightmares. For instance, feelings of guilt, confusion and sadness are the feelings most associated with nightmares.

  1. Memory Foam are Temperature Dependent

Memory foam mattresses may contour when put in contact with warm surfaces such as one’s skin. However, when you are in a very cold bedroom, memory foam may turn hard. Additionally, if you are in a hot environment, a memory foam may collect warmth and become uncomfortable.

  1. Blue or Green Lights Bother Sleep

Blue or green lights, or any lights with the tint of blue or green are not good for sleep. These lights down regulates the production of melatonin that makes one sleep better. If you need a light before sleeping, opt to have blue light filters or light without blue or green tint.

  1. The Lack of Sleep Reduces Pain Tolerance

People who sleep half the time than they normally should portray a reduced tolerance for pain. The reason behind this is still unclear, but studies are on their way to finding out. Knowing this, you probably should take a full night’s sleep if you have any painful medical procedure the next day.

  1. Within 5 Seconds, One Forgets 50 Percent of Dreams

If you want to remember your dreams, it may be a good idea to jot down your dreams as soon as you wake up.