The Pros and Cons of Airbeds

Similar to waterbeds, many people consider an air mattress as a mere novelty item. Many people may enjoy sleeping on an air mattress once in a while, but only a few consider purchasing one for themselves. Whatever, sleeping on an air mattress may be a good idea, or not. Nevertheless, here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of an air mattress in order to help you decide if you should get one.


  • Firmness

Airbeds or air mattresses can allow customized firmness. If you want a firmer mattress, you can just simply let more air in. Otherwise, you can reduce air in it if you want it to be soft or plush. More importantly, this is very useful if you often have different guests since most people would have different preferences.

  • Bed Sharing

Most air mattresses that are full sized have two inner chambers. This makes sharing better, especially for couples with different preferences.

  • Sagging

Most beds sag after continuous use. This is not the case for air mattresses. If it happens to feel saggy, a simple inflation should suffice.

  • Uses

Air mattresses are generally waterproof and may be ideal for outdoor sleeping. It can also be rolled up and packed—making it a good option for camping trips. It may likewise be put on car backseats for a more comfortable road trip, especially on long trips.

A generic airbed.
A generic airbed.


  • Pumps

Air mattresses are mechanical in nature and need pumps. This can be problematic at times since it may be faulty and a repair or replacement can mean more expenses. Additionally, the pumps can be noisy. This means that many air mattresses may not be inflated at night or else many may be disturbed.

  • Assembly

The assembly of a mattress may take up to an To assemble air mattresses, it may usually require two persons. However, once it is assembled the inflation or deflation would not take as long.

  • Warranty

Air mattresses usually have shorter warranties than other mattresses like innerspring or latex. Thus, if anything becomes faulty after the warranty has ended, then you might need to spend a lot more money.