How to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene Dramatically

Sleep hygiene is the collection of practices that may influence one’s sleep quality. Maintaining a good sleep hygiene is likewise important as this can influence one’s mood and alertness. Poor sleep hygiene can likewise render one restless and stressed. If you have poor sleep hygiene, you should not worry. Sleep hygiene can be improved through simple measures.

First, you should maintain a sleep routine. Try to sleep every day at the same time. Additionally, you should also wake up at the same time. There can be a 20 minutes allowance for this, but try to be consistent. Doing so will help your body become more well-rested and help you feel better. This schedule can likewise program your body to sleep and wake up at ideal times.

One should also avoid any stimulants that can keep you awake. This includes caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. If you should take them, take them at least four hours prior to your scheduled sleep so that they may not interfere with your cycle. Likewise, avoid food that can stimulate you like chocolates.

Avoiding naps is also ideal for a better sleep hygiene. Sure, you may feel tired and a nap would probably help with this. However, napping outside of your regular sleep at night can disrupt your cycle. You might find yourself wide awake at night since you napped earlier. Thus, leaving you less time to sleep—feeding the vicious cycle.clean-mattress-hand

Exercising can also improve one’s sleeping cycle. For instance, relaxing exercises like yoga helps you have a deeper sleep. However, do not perform vigorous exercise before sleeping since your body’s core temperature will be elevated. You should exercise at day time and not at night time.

Lastly, learn to associate bed with sleep. Avoid doing any activities in bed and make it exclusive for sleeping. Checking mails or using gadgets in bed is not a good idea because your brain can now associate your bed as a working area that is unfit for sleep. A bed is supposed to be a sanctuary. Do yourself a favor and finish any activities out of bed.