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I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
BBC Radio 4 Comedy
Last Updated:  January 15, 2006
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Listen to Dame Judi and Michael Gambon's Segment
"The Bromley-by-Bow Strategem"
Windows Media Player Required   ( 2:02 Minutes )

As I've (Phil) mentioned before, Judi's favourite radio show is ISIHAC, which has been running on BBC Radio 4 since 1972. There's a lighthearted documentary about one of the panel game's rounds, on Christmas Eve at 11.30 am UK time.

Mornington Crescent is a railway station, part of the London underground system. The object of the game is to travel the underground switching from line to line, until you end up at Mornington Crescent. There are hundreds of rules which prevent certain routes being taken or certain line changes dissallowed. There are several scholarly books on the subject.

Of course those listeners who don't understand the complexities of the game try and say that the panel are simply calling out the names of stations until somebody says "Mornington Crescent" but that's a very simplistic view. It doesn't sound much but the endless discussions about rules can reduce listeners to tears.

The documentary discusses the complexity of the rules, with fans Judi Dench and Michael Gambon contributing, and they appear in a scene from Arthur Farquar's restoration drama "The Bromley-by-Bow Strategem", one of the aforementioned complex rules.

Thanks to Phil W, UK, for bringing this to my attention


1997 Radio Broadcasts

Listen to Dame Judi tell why she likes this show -- plus an excerpt
RPS      Audio Clip  --   4:53 Minutes

In 1997 they had a 25th anniversary celebration, and Judi contributed a story about her & Michael 
having to pull off the side of the motorway (turnpike ?) as they were laughing so much they couldn't 
see through the tears. She then describes her favourite round, where politician's speeches are cut off 
and the panelists have to complete the quotation in their own way. 

Listen to Dame Judi's appearance on the "What's My Line" Segment
RPS      Audio Clip   --  5:12 Minutes

A few weeks after the 1997 celebration she was invited to take part in the show, in a "What's My Line" 
round where she had to do a mime and the panelists had to work out what she did for a living. 
Just remember -- this is a radio broadcast


Thanks to Phil from the UK for sharing these Recordings


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